Great Rugs From Overstock

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I got into something of an obsession with overstock today and started sleuthing around for some decent rugs. Ever since I went into a shop in Los Feliz and asked them where they got their cool, graphic rug and they said overstock. I've been periodically checking for another one like it. I love overstock simply because they carry the worst, most hideous things ever, and then, if you're looking and persistent, you find the best scores.

The Rugs (clockwise from upper left):
Ban Grass Stripe Rug, $60.99
World Classic Grey Rug, $169.99
Wool Oasis Rug, $168.99
Hand-woven Kaalein Multi Wool Rug, $174.99
Cream Rug, $229.99
Blue New Zealand Rug, $359.99
Shag Rug, $94.99
Hand-knotted Kuba Kilim Red Wool Rug, $145.99
Flaatwoven, Elite Wool Rug, $91.99
Inca Wool Rug, $177.99
Matrix Indoor/Outdoor, $143.99

Lone Poppy

On Sunday we went for a stroll in Eaton Canyon and I stumbled upon this one, lone, (opium?) poppy. It was a bright smack of red against the sandy sides of the canyon. I go pretty often and had never noticed it before. I love beautiful surprises like these, don't you?


Ikea Intrigue

Stopped by Ikea last week and managed to only buy the things I went in for (success!). I was tempted, but I settled for shooting the things I felt urgently I must buy. This way I can consider them and maybe go back once I've had a chance to come down off the Ikea high. (Sorry for the crappy photos!):

Love these great indigo and white pillow covers. They seem like a nice cross between the simple Swedish Aesthetic and something Japanese. Once we order a new sofa (oh god when will this decision ever happen!) these might go on them in the background.

I'm a sucker for dish towels. I have...a lot of them. I really had to hold back to not buy these.

I love the Molger Mirror Series. They're simple and provide a nice little shelf. I might go back for one if I don't ever find a fancy gold, gilded mirror at the flea market.

The Snodd Knobs are fun, red and cheap. If I work red into any room (as apparently I should) these are going in.

We need some small nightstands and all the ones I love are majorly pricey so I've been looking for something to use in the meantime. I ideally would like something with a drawer, but some kind of simple stool like this one could do the trick.

This Alseda Rattan Stool is a classic. You see them everywhere in interiors. We could use more kid-friendly options for the living room and if we got these, they could double as foot rests.

Kelly LaPlante tipped me off to these simple, grey pillow covers that are a cotton/linen blend. They look totally chic and you would never realize that they're ikea and only $6.


Dream Rooms and Dinners

Over on AT we've started doing a lot more 'dream spaces' type posts. They're a lot of fun to put together and I've been surprised by what I actually choose (and how similar they all are) so I wanted to present them here, in one place. One thing I noticed is the color palette that I go to over and over (and ironically it doesn't actually match any room I've ever lived in) and that Plants and France seem to be themes:

Dream Bathroom: The Farmhouse Modern Bathroom

Dream Studio: The White and Bright (and plant filled) Studio (with a frog chair)

Dream Dinner Party: French Countryside, Wine, Stars, Good Food

Happy Little Elephant

Today I had something disappointing happen. I'm trying to look on the bright side and learn from it, but, still, it's raining outside and I'm feeling a little bit blue. Luckily the roses outside are blooming out of control. So I snipped some and filled this sweet little elephant to help get my spirits back up. It makes me smile every time I look over.

What do you do to cheer yourself up after suffering a setback?


Lego Land

I don't think I've ever mentioned my love of miniatures and dioramas here. Well a trip to Lego Land last week totally reignited the passion. So. Awesome.


California Home and Design

I bought three copies of the April issue of California Home and Design last night. Why? Because inside is a story that I shot all the images for! I'm so excited to share my first editorial spread with you.

I look a little bit serious here in my contributor photo (yay for being a contributor).

It was a really great project put together by Vanessa de Vargas. Basically 18 different interior designers took on a room in the Upward Bound Shelter in Culver City and made it their own. Many of the designers went deep into their own pockets to get it done and a lot of care went into each one. I shot all 18 (in one day and without any electricity in the rooms, omg it was stressful) and California Home and Design featured 3 of them: Vanessa de Vargas, Kelly La Plante and Bridgid Coulter. For info on all the designers and vendors who donated their time, energy and goods click here.


From the Garden

The Garden is exploding! I've made 3 salads already with all the lettuce and on a whim I just go out back and grab a hand full of herbs. It is intoxicating. Can't wait for the tomatoes and cucumbers to start coming in.

Here are the heirloom pumpkin seedlings. Need to get these into the ground.

How is everyone's Spring?


Wick Architecture and Design

I wanted to share a recent project photographing a Build it Green and Energy Star certified residence designed by Leed Certified architect David Wick. David was great to work with and obviously the space he created is awesome.

See more of the pics on the Wick Architecture and Design website.

And stay tuned, I'm putting some finishing touches on my new photo site. (Can someone else please write my bio for me, though?).

UPDATE: Yay, Jetson Green covered the house and wrote up a quick story right here.


Framed Paintings

I noticed this simple idea at my dad's house. He has quite a collection of smaller thrift store paintings up around the house. Recently he put some of them in simple Ikea Ribba frames, floating without a matte.

I think it gives them a lot more presence without any of the fuss of 'framing' your artwork.


My Little Office Update

Despite positive reviews for my little office, I did a swaparoo to accommodate a little credenza I found at the salvation army and painted with leftover paint from the kitchen. I love it, though it's sort of so small that it's not that practical for storing the boxes I have full of decorations, supplies and photographs.

I paired it with Elliott's pelican, a poster I found at a store in Portland for $4, a thrift store print of Mt. Hood and the portraits of my grandmothers that I love so. I'm also trying out a succulent I had sitting outside. Not sure if there's enough light in there. And, of course, Hazel likes to squeeze herself in anywhere she can.

Anywho, I put it against the wall that the desk use to be against and now the desk is on the other side, though it needs some major tlc so it doesn't look so sad and alone over there.

I'd like a nice chair to cuddle up in next to it. And I'm still searching for the rug that went missing after our move because I think it would be perfect for covering up the wall to wall.

I love this little room. It clearly used to be a sleeping porch that someone walled in at some point. But it feels like a little tree house. In another life, this would be my bedroom.


Thea's Parents' Garden

Went back in time yesterday to dye eggs with some of my best friends at a house we all spent a lot of time in in High School. Thea's Parents' house in echo park has a giant backyard with 4 raised bed vegetable gardens, a koi pond, wildflowers (from Theodore Payne), a cheramoya tree, a whole succulent propogation area and a beautiful view. It always feels reassuring to be able to return to a place that is so familiar and so beautiful.


Happy Weekend

Wrapping up a long week of editing and retouching images and going cross eyed from looking at the computer (also, stay tuned, I should have my website updated next week). Looking forward to an easy Easter weekend with relaxation, a couple episodes of Friday Night Lights (I know, I'm about 3 years late, but I'm obsessed!) and some time spent outdoors.

I'm also excited to dye some eggs and hide them for the little girls. Then, with the hard boiled bounty I plan to make an ass load of egg salad.

Happy Weekend Everyone!