Ikea Intrigue

Stopped by Ikea last week and managed to only buy the things I went in for (success!). I was tempted, but I settled for shooting the things I felt urgently I must buy. This way I can consider them and maybe go back once I've had a chance to come down off the Ikea high. (Sorry for the crappy photos!):

Love these great indigo and white pillow covers. They seem like a nice cross between the simple Swedish Aesthetic and something Japanese. Once we order a new sofa (oh god when will this decision ever happen!) these might go on them in the background.

I'm a sucker for dish towels. I have...a lot of them. I really had to hold back to not buy these.

I love the Molger Mirror Series. They're simple and provide a nice little shelf. I might go back for one if I don't ever find a fancy gold, gilded mirror at the flea market.

The Snodd Knobs are fun, red and cheap. If I work red into any room (as apparently I should) these are going in.

We need some small nightstands and all the ones I love are majorly pricey so I've been looking for something to use in the meantime. I ideally would like something with a drawer, but some kind of simple stool like this one could do the trick.

This Alseda Rattan Stool is a classic. You see them everywhere in interiors. We could use more kid-friendly options for the living room and if we got these, they could double as foot rests.

Kelly LaPlante tipped me off to these simple, grey pillow covers that are a cotton/linen blend. They look totally chic and you would never realize that they're ikea and only $6.


ME and Blue said...

ooh. Thanks for editing Ikea. I'm so overwhelmed when I go there and those wooden mirrors are a great idea for my new home.

P.S. - I made a guilded mirror from an old frame and had the local hardware store cut a mirror for it. It was fun and cheap. I added hooks to it for my jewelry.

SUZY8-TRACK said...

I find it very difficult to go to Ikea and not come home with something I didn't have on my list. Really takes an incredible amount of discipline to shop there.

Megan Taylor said...

hey! found you via LA in Bloom. I was in desperate need of a rug this weekend and ALMOST made it to IKEA but couldn't bring myself to brave those aisles on a Saturday night! It can be so roaming! You have a great blog, p.s.!

alison sagol said...

the wooden mirrors are fantastic! i recently did a quick remodel of our bathrooms in anticipation of selling, just fixtures, paint and mirrors, and used these. i took off the big boring mirrors that were covering half the walls and put these up, and i think they were a definite selling point. they look way more expensive than they are.