Wick Architecture and Design

I wanted to share a recent project photographing a Build it Green and Energy Star certified residence designed by Leed Certified architect David Wick. David was great to work with and obviously the space he created is awesome.

See more of the pics on the Wick Architecture and Design website.

And stay tuned, I'm putting some finishing touches on my new photo site. (Can someone else please write my bio for me, though?).

UPDATE: Yay, Jetson Green covered the house and wrote up a quick story right here.


Anonymous said...

isn't writing a bio about yourself THE WORST???
i'm with ya sista.
can't wait for the new site tho!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the rest of the Wick Architecture and Design site! You can write your bio, think of what you're about, and why you want your reader to enjoy your blog. :o)
Just a suggestion.

my little apartment said...

I was just lamenting about having to write a bio!! it's like, "can you please tell us about yourself, why you're qualified to be doing this, then a bit about your personal history, and also can you be charming, quirky, and with a touch of humor...oh, and in three sentences." oy.

can't wait to see the new site!

Anonymous said...

I love the grounds of the house. Is that pavers with grass growing in between? I love it! Thanks for the post

john said...

Are you using a tilt-shift lens for these?

susie said...

Great photos and a great house!

After 15+ years of struggling to write bios for myself...I finally gave up and hired someone to do it for me. Got the finished bio just last week and I am so pleased. Why oh why didn't I do this before?! Isn't it funny how somethings you struggle with, but somehow it doesn't occur to you to hire a professional?