Dwell Home Tour: Judy Kameon

Although I was mainly tied to the convention center for all of Dwell on Design, I did make it to one of the homes on the home tours: that of Judy Kameon. I've been a huge fan of Judy's since I saw her speak on a panel at Dwell on Design three years ago. She owns landscape architecture firm Elysian Landscapes (they designed the garden at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs!)and has a line of mid century inspired outdoor furniture called Plain Air. I think she's hugely talented and, at the same time, completely down to earth. So I couldn't miss seeing her home.

Modern with definite mid century influences, Judy's use of color is stunning. With a background in painting and some help from this guy, Judy and her husband have woven in color, texture and personality into their home. And even though there is color everywhere you look, the overall feeling in the house is one of lightness and space and warmth. The inside is seamless with the outside and the garden abounds with nooks and private spaces that make it feel much larger than it is.

The kitchen is particularly stunning with its aqua colored heath tiles and orange-red cabinet fronts. Judy's husband built all the cabinets himself. The cork tiles throughout make the space feel open and warm. I also love how the downstairs is one big space that spills out into the garden--great for entertaining.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


Joslyn said...

oh it's completely fantastic! i love it.

love her work!!


hot damn. Love that place.

Unknown said...

Earthy and eclectic .. I love it. Make me a mojito.


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Maureen @ Notes on a Visual Life said...

Wow, I should have paid to go on some of these tours! This is gorgeous.

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Me encanta la cocina, con ese aire tan retro...
Te sigo.

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