Opening of Plain Air Outdoor Furniture

Yesterday I stopped by the opening of Plain Air, the new outdoor furniture line designed by Judy Kameon (landscape designer extraordinaire). The showroom looked great and in addition to the mid century inspired daybeds, tables and chairs they carry some Bauer Pottery and other vintage garden pots and great pillows and fabrics. One of the things I love about Judy and her crew is how down to earth they are. Had a great time and it was all a nice break from thinking about my kitty. I also had a chance to meet the Germinatrix herself, Ivette Soler. More on that soon.


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emily said...

What a great little place- so fun ! Just perfect for setting a simple summer tone...hope all is feeling a little better for you!

Down Comforter said...

Some great designs - I really love the round chair.

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