Heath Ceramics Los Angeles

I won't give it all away since a post will be going up later today on AT, but man, the Heath showroom on Beverly is beautiful, and I didn't even see it finished. It's full of skylights that float such perfectly even lighting over the pieces that they look like they're studio lit. It doesn't hurt that Heath Ceramics are incredible.

It's also worth noting that they'll be selling a couple of other brands at the store including Weck Canning jars. I hadn't seen them before and was so blown away I almost forgot that I was there for Heath. I am also, admittedly, getting really into canning and pickling, so this was perfect timing.

The grand opening of the showroom is this weekend (all weekend) so make a point of stopping by. Adam Silverman will be there along with Heath's owners Catherine Bailey and Robin Petravic.

And thanks to Julie of LAist for getting me in!


maya said...

so, what are you going to pickle???

swelike said...

growing up in san francisco, everyone had heath ceramics. i didn't realize it was a big deal until i moved to los angeles.