Speaking of Pickling

Here's my first attempt at green beans. I used a recipe from Martha but added chili flakes to make them really spicy. I think I need to time it differently so that the beans don't cook for as long. I haven't tasted them yet, I'm letting them...pickle, but the extras I ate as I was doing it tasted like pickles so it seems like I'm at least on the right track. Although I think I need to get different jars.


Elizabeth said...

I make pickled green beans every summer - yummers. We use the recipe from the Ball Blue Canning book, and it works perfectly. You do have to let them sit for a few weeks to really get the pickled taste - and we use the pint jars and really pack the beans in there to the point where you are forcing the last few in.
I highly recommend a Bloody Mary with a pickled green bean garnish :)

Laura said...

My dad makes those--they are addictive!