Thoughts on the Parker Palm Springs

So we went to Palm Springs for the weekend (yay! getaway!). We stayed at an awesome place that I'll post about later this week. For now, my thoughts on checking out the Parker Hotel Palm Springs, where we had breakfast yesterday:

-It's cool, but honestly, looking at the pictures is better than being there, it isn't that cool.
-To me, the decor is one notch too close to 'grandma'. I love Jonathan, but really, all this?
-The gardens are awesome, probably the best part.
-Um, where's the pool, we couldn't find it to check it out.
-Way too scene-y and didn't seem at all relaxing, everyone is just checking out who else is there and what they look like.
-It took WAY too long to get our food. Like, really way too long.
-Loved the patio.

The garden design is lovely! Elysian Landscapes in LA put it together and the idea was to create intimate little nooks tucked away in the meandering paths of the garden. Totally worked, the garden really isn't even that big, but they used the space well.

This is Elliott when we had been waiting for 25 minutes for waffles and no one else was in the restaurant. He wanted to leave. He was not impressed.

This was the waffle. I was impressed. I could not finish it to save my life.

This was too grandma for me, just way too much stuff, and oddly for Jonathan Adler, not enough color for me.

Those are just my thoughts. What are yours?


john said...

Look at this ariel photo to find the pools.


Lord Prince Swallows the third said...


laure said...

thanks john!

um, prince, he's mine.

Brooklyn Dahlia said...

i thought the parker living room (with fireplace) looked amazing at night. it looks a bit dull in daylight of your pix. i was there for NYE's but only for evening. fab blog btw.

laure said...

thanks bd! maybe I should give it another chance at night!

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Francine said...

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