Dark Bedroom + Curtains!

I spent a good amount of time over the last two days getting the curtains done for the bedroom and it's finally starting to come together and at least is a serene place to rest my weary unpacking eyes!

The walls in the bedroom are a dark grey (Kendall Charcoal From Benjamin Moore in the flat Aura Finish) and the curtains are just from Ikea. I wanted to keep the bedroom dark and simple (see my inspiration right here).

I'd like to get a rug to put towards the bottom of the bed and we still haven't figured out night stands (um, yeah, that's a moving box I'm using). I love that we get so much sun in here during the day and that we can see the neighbor's orange tree from bed!

UPDATE: Here's a before picture (oops, forgot it the first time)!


Indo bay... said...

Love how crisp and clean the dark grey looks with the white. Very peaceful! Do you mind me asking the color on the wall?

tania :)

Shayna said...

wow laure, it looks so great! i love the walls. and that sweet note on the closet door? precious...

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

Love it! The curtains and gray walls are perfect. I'm doing a gray in my bedroom, too...



My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

i've been on the fence about what to do curtain-wise here..and i think my problem just got solved....

love this!

Sarah @ Dream In Domestic said...

I love it! The walls may be dark, but it looks like the room still gets tons of light! The curtains look great, too!

Just thought I'd pass along also that I'm hosting a pillow giveaway (which may give you some options for your new bedroom), so if you'd like to enter, just head to the giveaway post at my blog.

captain kk said...

oh i love the contrast dark grey walls with the white bedding.. so relaxing.. all looks gorgeous to me :)

laure said...

thanks everyone! I implore you all to paint your bedrooms dark (if they get sun) because it is so soft and soothing you want to fold into it. I looked up the color we used and it's kendall charcoal by Ben Moore. It's flat finish. It's amazing!

megan said...

looks beautiful, laure. :)

Making it Lovely said...

Love it. And I really love the pillow in the context of the rest of the room.


Love that gray! and all the white...oh I've been dying to paint our bedroom dark recently.

The lamp? Asymmetric? Awesome!

michèle said...

I really like the contrast between the dark elegant walls and the funky retro cushion - great color & style combo.

babs said...

I LOVE the gray! I was thinking about gray for our new master suite...but then I thought maybe something warmer. But, after seeing these pictures...aaahhh!

laure said...

thanks everyone! Did I mention that E also got us electric fitted sheets so that getting into bed is like getting into a bath. it's ridiculous.

Tess said...

I love the wall color. It looks so calm, and peaceful. I wish I could see an orange tree from my bed! They don't grow in New York, oh well.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's beautiful. Laure, may I ask what kind of camera you took these photos with? Your photos are wonderful.


laure said...


In this case I just used my little canon digital elph point and shoot--I love that thing!

pen.ny said...

Loving the textures and colors of that pillow. Really stand-out.

Tamstyles said...

love this room...wow!

Heidi said...

lovely! love the dark backdrop

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