Bulgarini Gelato

In the most out of the way, totally hidden strip mall in Altadena is the best gelato I've ever had (and I've been to Italy). The owner of Bulgarini is Italian and shuts the store for months at a time while he's gone researching flavors and bringing back key ingredients like Italian Espresso or Pistachios. It's worth the trek for those of you further away. Lucky for me I'm just a couple of miles away!

I got three flavors last time: Pistachio, Coffee and Chocolate.

As the sign says, it's crazy good.

During the winter, Bulgarini Gelato is only open on weekends, FYI.


Anonymous said...

still dreaming about it. must return...and soon!

- A

Garinee said...

I live in Pasadena...I'll have to visit this place on the weekend!

Elsie Lau said...

been meaning to give this place a try ever since we almost bought a postage stamp size house in altadena last spring. could it be better than giolitti? anyway, thanks for the review and reminder about this place!

steph said...

ooh, thanks, i'm going to cruise over there and try some!