Washington Post Mention

Wow, thanks Robin for the tip that I was featured on the Washington Post Blog for the headboards I made for the little girls. I'm so honored, and surprised! So if you're here for the first time, welcome!

Thought I'd show a slightly closer up version of the 2 boards since people are looking for them.

I used Amy Butler Fabric for both. The light pink is pink wallflower and the other is Nigella Twill Water Lotus. I bought 30x40" foam core from staples and doublestick tape. I washed and ironed the fabric and then 'stretched it' over the foam core and just taped the back. It really was that easy. I had considered doing the whole padded headboard thing, but this way we could change out the whole shebang easily if the girls get bored with the fabric or change their minds about their favorite colors!

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Anonymous said...

What great fabric choices and simple construction technique! I bet the little girls really enjoy the headboards. Umi