What I'm working on

I mentioned being busy last week. Well I was workingon the girls' room in the house I'm helping with. First priority are the two girls' rooms. We have to work with the wall color as is, it's a rental so no painting.
Here's room one (or purple, pink and green room) before:
Here it is in progress, that's jamie putting up some blinds:

And here's a close up of the bed. I still need to hang things on the walls and put things away on the shelves, but I'm happy with the room overall:

Here's room two (or light pink, dark pink, green room) before:

Here it is in progress with a bunch of stuff in it. My job is to simplify and unify. I'll have an after as soon as it's ready:

I made the girls headboards out of foam core that I bought at Staples and Amy Butler fabric that's just stretched over and taped behind. I had originally wanted to do a whole diy padded headboard, but realized that this would be light years easier, cheaper and would still look really nice this way.

Most of the rest of the furniture is from Ikea or is a craigslist find. I still want to get these magnetic strips for each girl to be able to hang their artwork on.

In my zeal to get this done I've been bad about photos, but more soon I promise!


Elizabeth said...

can't wait to see them when they're done!

Robin said...

Great idea for the headboards, and congrats on your mention in Thursday's Washington Post At Home newsletter: