Thinking about...Cake Stands

I like to use cake stands in everyday life, not just for special occasions. Case in point, I leave my favorite Martha stand on the dining room table all the time to showcase fruit, doughnuts, mail, salt and peppper, condiments, flowers, potted plants, photographs, quiches, vegetable platters, candles, the list goes on.

So I've started thinking about expanding my collection of stands and these have me swooning:

So simple, so white, so classic (from Surfas in Culver City):

From Pottery Barn--The Great White Cake Stand:

The Turned Wood Stand (I love the shape of the glass covers and I love the cheese display):

I also noticed that the all things white are now black trend has extended to cake stands: Black Lace from MOMA:

The Licorice cakestand from :
Bliss Home:

For something with a more vintage vibe there's the Victorian Pattern Glass Store with these amazing stands to offer:

Now that I'm amped on more stands I found that Real Simple has some great ideas for other cake stand uses.

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