Ikea Stockholm

I know everyone everywhere has been blogging about the new line from Ikea--is the quality better? is it worth it for particle board versions of danish modern classics? are the textiles going to be everywhere so that even if they are cool, everyone knows you got it at Ikea? Etc. I don't have answers to these questions. What I do have is a fascination with their marketing campaign. I know in the last couple of years they've been distancing themselves from the cheap dorm room look and trying to be family and quality friendly. But this is the first time I have noticed such a shift in the way they photograph their products.

I especially love this image from the website. The use of the flash is so 70's fashion photography.

These have an even richer photographic quality that is more in line with what I've seen of their campaign. It feels very Nan Goldin and edgy/european. Much less 'happy'. Impressive. Let's see if the furniture delivers like the photographs do or if they're just replications.

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