Bundt Cake

So as my cake stand post might reveal, I've been thinking about baking. Specifically baking Bundt Cakes. I'm tired of the cupcake craze. I think they're great, but there's always too much frosting, it's too sweet, it's gone too quickly etc. Enter Bundt Cakes. They can be dense, light, lightly flavored, rich, covered in icing, plain. Basically they're perfect. Plus I was given a mini bundt cake mold a couple of years ago so it satisfies the love of small, jeweled delicate baked goods without any of the immaturity of a cupcake. Otherwise I use the regular sized mold (like this one) given to me by my grandmother and I make the Ladybird Johnson Lemon Bundt Cake. It lasts for days and you can eat it for breakfast with minimal guilt. Plus, nothing looks better on a cake stand.

In searching I found this blog with a great argument and image that should sell you on the classic bundt if I haven't yet!

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Tim said...

I'm a big fan of the bundt cakes too, but why are you tired of the cupcake craze? They are wonderful! Visit my site about them at cupcake holders, let's discuss!