Cafe Gitane

Hope you guys are enjoying some of my highlights from the stationery show. I'll roll out some photos from ICFF this week and just some other fun moments from my trip to new york (like all of my celebrity sightings!).

I ate in a lot of great places in the city and in Brooklyn. But most memorable was Cafe Gitane. First off, if you can ignore any pretentiousness about what I'm about to say, we're gold. It's like stepping into a Goddard film. Paris in the 60's (in new york). The girls all wear these adorable lime green outfits (why didn't I get a picture!) and the food was simple and great.

They serve this avocado thing: wheat bread, smooshed avocado, lemon juice, drizzle of olive oil and chili flakes. I will be making this at home from now on.

I also love that the menu is printed on graph paper.

The interior is warm, lively and inviting. The orange wall pulls you in, the tiles on the floor make me smile. And the lights overhead are soft and flattering.

I borrowed this picture from floinnyc because it's better than the picture I took of the cous cous and merguez sausage we ordered. It was delicious and filling.

I've heard that they also have great coffee and desserts, but I was stuffed and running late, so we skipped it. Thanks Rachel for introducing me to this place!

[the top photo is from whitespacehk]


Barbara Jacksier said...

Being an exiled Brooklynite, I go back often. I've borrowed Cafe Gitane's avocado creation -- and everyone in the wash DC area thinks it's my idea and that I'm brilliant (Oh no, now I've fessed up). Don't you love that place?

laure said...

Oh Barbara--what a small world, that's great. I won't tell anyone if you don't...

www.malaga-3d.com said...

Well, I do not actually imagine it may work.