Stationery Show Round Up (Part Two): Pink Loves Brown, Bob's Your Uncle, Pancake and Franks

I finally got to meet Nicole from Making it Lovely and true to form she had one of the loveliest booths at the Stationary show. She made a whole little world with a table and even fresh flowers. Go Nicole! Hope the fair went great for you!

Bob's Your Uncle have been a favorite of mine for their cheekiness and bold graphics. They're coming out with these children's books and alphabet art (I like the bat and kind of want to use it as a mousepad):

Pancake and Franks. I mean what can you say. They make whimsical, simple, awesome letterpress cards. And the ladies behind the cards couldn't be nicer or more humble.


Modern Craft said...

I love your review of the stationery show and I love your blog!

laure said...

thanks modern craft!