Indulge my Inner Teenager Please:

Considering I live in LA, it was pretty funny to see as many celebrities as I did in New York (and Brooklyn). I basically never see anyone in Venice, and in 5 days I saw 3 people that made me squeal inside (and one of them I saw twice in one day!):

First off, Michael Showalter. Seriously. It might be just me, but I love him. I watched him on The State (back when he reminded me of my high school crush), loved him in Wet Hot American Summer, was probably one of the only people that thought that Stella. He's was handsome and tall in real life, though I hear he's a bit of a creep.

We saw him twice in one day: once in manhattan at a lingerie store buying something for a girl who was 'blonde and sassy', and later that night we ended up sitting next to him on the date with the sassy blonde. It was hard to believe. It was awesome.

Next up, Michelle Williams. She happened to walk down the street (with nanny, bodyguard and little girl) and into the muffin shop that we were eating outside of. It was a pretty quiet sunday morning so it was just us eating outside with Mathilda dancing around in front of us. That was probably my most awe-indusing sighting. Michelle looked adorable in skinny jeans, vintage sungalsses, a little black hat and flats. I can't remember, but I think she was wearing red lipstick.

And finally, on my flight was none other than Santino from Project Runway (season 2). He was wearing sunglasses inside. I mean c'mon, you're cool but you're not that big a deal. Anyway, he also started going through fabric samples in the boarding area. It seemed a little overboard, but I was still excited to see him.


Ana B. said...

Funny, I'm always seeing famous people in Venice - and the same people over and over again - like CJ from Top Chef at Hal's or Vince Vaughn, bicycling over to get drunk at Hal's... okay, maybe I just see famous people at Hal's.

(I did see Meg Ryan with child in tow up the road at the Santa Monica Wednesday Market yesterday.... that woman has had a lot of plastic surgery...)

my little apartment said...

haha, thats so funny! and all people that would have made me squeal a bit too...i loooove Michael Showalter (im sad to hear hes a creep) and i think Michelle Williams is gorgeous.

yeah, i never see celebs either anymore...

laure said...

I'm glad I'm not alone!

Also, I guess I'll have to keep my eyes peeled at Hal's, didn't realize it was such a hotspot!