Meyer Lemon Recipes

Since I posted about having some homegrown lemon with my lunch I've really been craving lemon anything. But mainly it reminded me of this recipe for "pucker" cake that I read about in Domino a million years ago. I really want to make it. And I really want it to look this beautiful.

Also as I mentioned in the comments, you too can grow your own lemons. It's easy to maintain a dwarf meyer lemon tree (one of the more hardy varieties) in a container as long as it gets lots of sunshine. Mine is barely a foot or 2 high and it gives me at least 10 lemons per season. And it looks oh so pretty sitting outside in the sun. I'm not sure but I bet you could even grow one inside if it was by a window with tons of light. Just be sure not to leave it outside if you live in a super cold climate becuase it will freeze. Happy Growing.

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la fourchette said...

I'm such a Meyer Lemon fan and really missed them when I left California. I now have a little tree in my courtyard garden. They do well in pots...and this year's harvest became Lemon Souffl├ęs! I'm hoping for a harvest like yours next year! And that cake looks delicious...this goes into my "to do list".