Walt Disney Concert Hall Tour

I got to take a field trip to the Frank Gehry designed Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown LA. Eventhough I live here, I've never been to the place. Geez. Anyway, it was an architecture tour of the inside and outside of the building. You can take one too if you want. All the info is here.

Some interesting facts I learned:
• all of the panels on the outside of the building are numbered stainless steel panels that are only clipped in place, not bolted or glued.
• the building was designed as a CATIA file which is the same way the french design airplanes and cars (they're curvy too).
• although comissioned by Lillian Disney (Walt's Widow) the building is owned by the city of Los Angeles so it's always open to the public (not the performances obviously, but the lobby and garden and cafe are open for anyone that wants to experience them.) They also broadcast the current performance in the cafe if you missed out on getting tickets.
• The inside is filled with natural light through giant window panels and skylights, but all of these windows are hidden from the street view.
• though the outside is metal, the inside is a total contrast filled with bright red-orange carpet (based on Gehry's visit to lillian's garden) and wood. It was important to Lillian that the hall be a place people felt welcomed. And so it is.

Now I can't wait to go and see a performance!

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Bob LLama said...

You get an F- for never having been there before.