Vintage Venice Beach

Sometimes LA can feel history-less eventhough I grew up here and know how rich the area is culturally. SO it's good to be reminded of times not that long ago that were just completely different. (also, not to brag or anything, but I totally used to live in the house pictured above sans canal of course).

images from Betsy sells venice

Venice's history is fascinating, it was only in the 30's that it was a booming oil town and only in '46 that they tore down roller coasters on the pier. To see the modern day (posh) version of the canals check out this awesome blog. And if you're into murals, we've got some.

If you live here, here's a list of useful numbers (I know it's kinda dorky, but I thought it was good to have on hand). Visit the Venice Historical Society site for vintage postcards, a calendar of events, and even more history! This tuesday (november 13th) is a 'remember when' meet up where early venice residents reminisce about the olden days.


Bob LLama said...

That top one is my house!

laure is at home at home said...

nuh uh, it's mine ; )

coco+kelley said...

*sigh* I SO love Venice... i wish i still lived there! what street did you live on? i grew up on Amoroso, which is one of those cute little walk streets... it's got to be my favorite part of this city :)

jessica said...

Thanks for posting this, Laure! Even though we just moved to Venice a few months ago, it's a place that instantly invites a deep connection with its history - we felt compelled to do a lot of research about the area right away. Learning that our house was once on a canal (Venus) was bittersweet.

And I can't believe you lived on that island. Even sans canal, I'm totally jealous. I'm inspired to take some neighborhood pictures now.

laure is at home at home said...

Hey I had a friend on Amoroso. I lived on Electric for a long time right around the corner!

coco+kelley said...

So funny! What a small world ;)