Succulents for Winter

This is the time of year when plants start dying. They look pretty now as they're dying off for winter. But soon, there will only be branches (well sort of, I mean we are in LA). Try starting a little succulent garden now! By the dead of winter, they'll be beautiful. Here's some inspiration from Succulentin LA:

I either make cuttings from plants I already have (or that my mom has) or I buy them at home depot, and I buy them small. They could not be easier to take care of. Just make sure that the soil can drain and keep in mind that succulents like to be crowded together. They get kind of lanky and sick looking if they have too much space.

Find a step by step here and here.

For containers, you can find some nice ones at sprout home, or this tiny basket from perch:

Wooden Container from Ikea:

Kappa Pot from Ikea:

And a great (GREAT) place to find cheap pottery in LA is Pottery Manufacturing and Distribution in Gardena. I know, it's a little out of the way, but SO worth it.

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