Bedroom Redirect

I'm trying out white and even the dreaded orange in my bedroom. I like it but I know I'll keep messing with it. Maybe the lamps are the problem.

Here it is in its last incarnation:

And in its original incarnation (I didn't realize how spare I had it, and how short my quilt was)


john said...

Wow. Minor changes make a big difference.

Anonymous said...

Oh, i like the changes! Very nice! And I love the bedspread in your final picture....where did you find it and who makes it? I'm looking for something new for my bedroom, too.

laure is at home at home said...

I found it after digging ghrough a store called home goods in seal beach. It's kind of like Ross in that you have to have patience. But I knew I wanted white and there it was.

I have to say that i have slightly modified the room even since this picture was taken a couple of weeks ago. Glad you guys like it!