Hey, I'm it! And it's a Good Thing

Decorno tagged me with the Blog Tag and I will gladly participate!

Here's how it works:
I get to tell 8 random things about myself and then list 8 blogs I love... I then need to go tell those bloggers that they're IT. Simple. Fun. And a cool way to find other blogs about things we love (or should).

Here goes:

1) This is so much harder than it seems. If that doesn't tell you something about me...

2) I share a birthday with brigitte bardot, moon-unit zappa, and bam margera (yeah bam. from jackass. we were born the same year and everything).

3) I am a pop culture and celebrity gossip fiend. I love perez, wwtdd, superficial and The Soup! This will come as no surprise to anyone that actually knows me. It is shameful but I can't stop.

4) Although obsessed with pop culture, I have never seen Top Gun, any of the Godfathers, or any of the Rocky's. This is horrifying to more people than you would think.

5) In my mind, numbers have colors. For example:
When I have to remember a number I just remember the color that goes with it. Like 64 is green purple and then I know. I don't really even think this, I just see it in my mind and then I don't forget. I've never liked 3 by the way because I don't like orange. It's unfair to 3, but what can you do?

6) I am insane if I don't get 8 hours of sleep.

7) I can listen to the same song over and over again for hours. A couple examples would be (in no particular order) coconut records 'west coast', beatles 'who knows', and maybe it also happened with this one beyonce song. Shame.

7) Although I love to read, I have never read the same book twice.

8) I love to drive. Not in traffic, or anything. I just love to be by myself on a road trip, going somewhere. You know, with me.

Here are 8 blogs I love:
Seriously Foodie
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Not Martha
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john said...

Maybe you're a genius?

British savant Daniel Tammet set the world record for reciting pi at more than 22,000 digits in 2004.

To him, each number has a distinct color and appearance, some beautiful, some not, with each complex calculation making up a landscape.

laure is at home at home said...

John I hope you're right, cause someone else said I might have asbergers syndrome.

Nicole | Making it Lovely said...

Thanks for tagging me, but I just did one not too long ago! Tag, I'm It.

Jessica said...

You might have a condition called synesthesia, which is commonly referred to as a disease, although this is an inaccurate term for it. Synesthesia happens when the sensory neural pathways in one's brain structure become crossed, and this results in the senses being 'crossed' so that you experience numbers as having colors, or musical notes as colors or even flavors. I think it is an incredibly cool phenomenon, and it has nothing to do with asperger's syndrome.