Weekend Inspiration

I was out and about a lot this weekend and picked up little bits of inspiration:

I adore these red shiny stools at Heath Ceramics. They look like Science Lab stools that they painted themselves. I want a counter height something just so I can have some of these myself. (also, check out the great show by Kristen Wicklund that's at Heath for the next month).

I love large scale photography in white frames:

Saw this at Ten Over Six and was inspired. I have so many photographs begging to be made larger. Plus I just heard that you can get great poster sized prints at Costco for something like $15 (does anyone know about this?).

My grandmother's orchids bloomed under my mom's care and now I have them displayed all over the house.

The PCC flea market is great! I went for the first time and although I didn't buy much, I loved walking around (it's free) and taking it all in. Some of it is in a parking structure, some of it is outside, it's lower key than the rose bowl (and there isn't as much furniture) but there's tons to dig through and lots of nice people. I loved this Arts and Crafts style needlepoint but it was, sadly, out of my price range.

I'm hosting a little cousin reunion in 2 weeks (my American family is not that big and the 6 of us cousins live spread out between Alaska, Boston and Northern California). We plan to BBQ and just hang out and I really want to get some frosted globe lights like these for the backyard.

More on this soon, but the LA Garden Show at the Arboretum was awesome. I loved this garden by The New California Garden Association of Professional Landscape Designers:

Phew, more soon, but for now want to get to bed so I can read a few more chapters of this book.


AngelaDean said...

I've been looking for a similar stool, too. Just found them at -


Mlle Paradis said...

love all these ideas. the enameled stool, the kpcc market. thanks!

i've got venice garden and home tours for any other angeleno's (or not!) who missed it. a nice day out!


everyanything said...

i LOVE frosted globe lights
everything in this post is so nice :)

Joslyn said...

love it all!

we have some of those lab stools at heath (not painted red though) we got them here:


we love them!

laure said...

oooh, thanks for all the sources for those great stools!

Steph said...

We are reading the same book. Haha!

decorative moldings said...

I am also in love with that red shiny stool.
Have a great day!

House and Land Packages said...

What a great way to start my day! thanks for those wonderful inspirations.

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