House of Honey

Stumbled across a new(ish) showroom in South Pas called House of Honey run by Tamara Honey. I remember seeing some interiors a while ago on Design Sponge that were a good mix of traditional regency with some modern flair. The showroom is a little more ornate and glammed up than is my personal style but I appreciate the eclectic mix she has going on and how well she does this look. Also, the walls are the most perfect grey and she makes me want gold everything.

But I especially love all the different wallpapers in the store (can anyone tell me where the trees are from?) and how she blends patterns without it getting to be too much.

See a whole slideshow of the store here and some examples of Honey Interiors design work.


Pangaea said...

Wish I knew where the trees are from. They are cool. Ever noticed how hard it is to google search for wallpaper now that images for your computer screen are called wallpaper? I hope you allow links. This is a link to a site that also has some pretty cool wallpaper with images of trees, birds & so on. I am not affiliated with them in any way. Just a fellow designer and blogger who thinks they are cool. Thanks for the heads-up on this shop.

Debra said...

I wish I lived close by it looks like she's got lots of goodies I could browse around in there for hours.

Unknown said...