Breakfast and Tea Time

Jin Patisserie: a great place to stop and collect yourself with a cup of tea and some tasty pastries (including great French Macarons). I had the opportunity to go last week with some talented ladies that I really only know because of the internet.

We also ate breakfast together at 3 Square Bakery. It was salty, crunchy, delicious:

What delicious things dd you eat over the weekend?


down bedding said...

Mmmmm....I had some really great sushi - sooo good :)

nic said...

Just had the most incredible breakfast at La bergamonte in Chelsea, nyc. should have photographed the beautiful pastries I devoured. happy weekend!

Kevin Walls said...

At my age, I try to live a healthy lifestyle. I try to eat only healthy foods as much as possible. I love to drink tea because it's delicious and healthy! I drink coffee too, sometimes, but I prefer tea since it contains lesser caffeine. How often do you drink tea, by the way?

Kevin Walls