Small Space Style in Venice

Found these pictures over on A Cup of Jo and just love them. These images are the reason that I loved living in venice. Small spaces done just right. A little euro and a little fun. If I could live with this little stuff and that much space and order all the time I would. Alas, it's basically physically impossible since I love things and need stuff like 5 cake stands.

A funny aside is that I sent this to my dad and it turns out that the studio belongs to a friend of his. Small World!

If you're interested i renting it for a week at a time and spending some quality time in venice, check out the details. And if you do, tell him that Laure sent you. Then I'll give you all my tips for hanging out in Venice.

What about you? Would you be able to live in such a small space and keep it neat?



LOVE. love. love.

Never could do it, but love it.

laure said...

dude, I can't believe you rented a tractor. that is badass.

ME and Blue said...

That's great inspiration. I work and live in small spaces and argue with my boyfriend that I'd rather have sunshine and less stuff than a ton of space. I'm in the midst of spring cleaning, and aspire to the zen of the small rooms that you posted. M.E.

MichMich said...

This place is AMAZING! It has been designed so thoughtfully that it seems larger and more open than the square footage normally allows.