My Favorite Bedroom Right Now, Plus Some Others

It's Cure Time over on Apartment Therapy and I need it. I'm scaling back my posts over there (and some of my other responsibilities) so that I can focus back on having a place I love. So while I'm writing posts about the Cure, I'm going to be participating to the best of my ability.

I've lived with E for almost 9 months and I still more or less want to kill myself every time I walk through the door. I don't need this place to be magazine worthy, I just want to want to be here. So here are some images up for inspiration. Above is another amazing room from AB Chao. Thanks to Down Pipe and some yellow, this room is awesome. I might be ripping it off very soon.

Otherwise, these are some bookmarked images I have in my files. My apologies, I haven't kept track of where they came from, so if you know, please chime in!

(This one is Maxwell's Bedroom, from AT and even though he wants to change it, I love it as is.)


Kay* said...

ooooh i LOVE the top bedroom with the dark wall! so great. I'm also doing my bedroom for the cure and really nailing down a direction has been the hardest part - hence why it's remained untouched since i moved in.


Just Beautiful bedrooms!Each room has the quality of fabulousness,interiors are not over done yet visually attractive and the beds are well made...Great resources and thanks for sharing.