First Day of Summer

We sent the girls off to their first day of summer camp today! I can't believe it's already summertime. There are so many things I had planned (in my mind) to do this summer: picnics, snocones, lounging, swimming, camping, traveling, etc.

Yesterday, the official first day of summer I made the trek out to the long beach flea market (for work) and then feasted on these donuts for lunch. I've been doing a whole no sugar/no white flour diet the last couple of months, so I definitely savored these (also, I totally ate 3).

This week I'm working and then on to Oregon for a family reunion/wedding. Looking forward to seeing some of that beautiful oregon coast to help kick off summertime. How are you celebrating summer?



omg i have been on this weird donut crave thing lately where i am just dying for a fresh donut and smell them EVERYWHERE.

this pic is killing me.

How was the market? I was sad to miss it.

Tommy Bahama Bedding said...

No major plans as of yet...I am going to Kalamazoo this weekend & hanging out on a boat. I'll probably just do some small weekend trips this summer.

HeddyShea said...

I have made several attempts at the whole "no sugar / no white flour" but I fall off the wagon atleast once a week. I could really use a doughnut right about now, as it is day 3 for me!ha!