Back from Vacation

Just spent 5 days in Oregon for my cousin's wedding. It was a nice break, but I'm slammed with work now. This image will have to make due until I can post more. The events leading up to this were: 3 days of drinking and dance parties on decks on a lake, lots of fried food, pinch hitting as a bridesmaid, 7:30 wake up for hair and makeup, taping boobs, taking a lot of pictures and then, finally, a lengthy conversation about lazy eyes.

It is going to be busy, posts will continue to be light, please come back and see me though. I like you.


speedgracer said...

hahaah...oh man. gregory and i agree: el jobé really has the best WTF face of anyone we know, hands down.
Your shell eye patch is tops, too.
Welcome back to LA!

Carly said...

Just stopped by to check what's new and just about choked on my chai reading your run up to the shot. I don't think anything else needs to be said... Taped boobs will always equal that unimpressed face.

PS. We like you too.

laure said...

thanks grace and carly! I promise I have more to share soon!