Pretty Flowers

These were some flowers that my friend em and I put together before a dinner party last week. It was fun to do and we ended up adding weeds and mint to the yellow ranunculus and protea. Still want to do something like this , but this was a good warm up.

On the Kitty note, thanks everyone for your kind words, your warm thoughts and your shared experience. It really does help. She's sort of holding at 'bad' but at least better than 'dead'. She sleeps under the bed and still has an appetite, so that's good. Otherwise the whole thing is heartbreaking.


Shelley Noble said...

So sorry. It's hard because cats have a shorter lifespan than us generally so we are often missing them. The interpeeps are here for you.

Down Comforter said...

Really pretty arrangement - I like that it doesn't look overworked :)