Wonderful Things I've Been Looking At

This is supposedly for the garden but it seems perfect for an entryway or even a very large bathroom.

I love these mismatched shelves. They feel like a modern version of thrift store shelves with the perfect combinations of colors.

This print from 20x200 caught my eye.

Love this table for outside

I'm sorry I stabbed you, probably a more relevant Valentine than you'd think. From one of my favorite blogs

The next time I'm a guest, I'm leaving something like this behind

I love the real thing, but these are pretty spectacular.

As soon as I get around to it, I'm totally buying this poster

Is anyone planning on growing tomatoes this year?

Have you seen how well my canned plants are doing?

If you need inspiration, check out palindrome presse's flickr, you won't be disappointed. this one makes me want to go on a road trip.

Consider this me playing catch up for being such a bad blogger recently.


Helene said...

The garden tool rack looks perfect.
Oh, I long for spring, to start planting seeds and to see the sun.
Here in Sweden it´s so gray now.

casafroggy said...

Now, if they made a "I'm Sorry I Ran You Over with my Car", that would be a perfect card for my man. Though it wasn't entirely my fault, he was standing IN the parking space as he was directing me back into it. He was okay, thankfully :)

amberlee said...

those canned plants are thriving! love everything here.