Kitchens and update on where I am

I love these light filled kitchen. All in Venice, of course. One of them is by Air Architecture, the other one I don't remember.

I've been spending more time in Pasadena at the bf's place and I'm happily surprised to see that I don't mind being in Pasadena the way I thought I might. I have good access to friends that live close by in alta dena and eagle rock and get to check out neighborhoods that I rarely used to go to. This weekend I got in some great cupcake research at Dots and Lark (and on the list is Auntie Em's).

But when I see kitchens like this, I think, what am I doing not in venice?


Fifi Flowers said...

Pasadena is a lovely area! Have you been to Madeleine's Wine Bistro? If not, GOOOOOO! YUM! I am soooooo overdue for a return!
ENJOY your week wherever you are!

ShopDownLite.com said...

Those rooms have great light!

Marie-Monique said...

Un environnement de rêve!!! à bientôt

my little apartment said...

hey, we should grab a drink at The York sometime! gimme a shout if you're in the neighborhood :)

laure said...

thanks for the tip fifi, I'll have to check it out. so far I'm really loving the giant whole foods and that pasadena is sort of walkable like venice is!

marie-monique--oui, bien sur, a bientot!

and dean--yes yes! you'll have to tip me off to all the great places here.