Golden hour and I heart LA

I worked downtown today and on my way home driving across the historic 6th street bridge was the most brilliant golden movie lighting. Everything in the sun's path was a bright warm light and everything else was a pink purple haze. It was the kind of light that makes me fall in love with Los Angeles, makes me nostalgic for summer camp in oak grove park and makes me feel happy to be just where I am.

Thanks again for all your support. I can feel it.


Emiliano said...

me encanta tu blog. siempre encuentro algo interesante!!
te felicito. segui asi

my little apartment said...

hooray for old Volvos :)

megan said...

i agree--hooray for old volvos. i miss mine so much!

p.s. i hope the happy feeling continues. xo

Katie said...

Beautiful photos!

maison21 said...

absolutely gorgeous. thanks.