Cleaned Up

I've been staying with the bf for a while but wanted to snap a picture of my old place before I move out completely. Here it is cleaned up (thanks to having moved a lot of stuff out). It's sort of coming together (which is classic since I'm moving).

I'm also noticing that even thought I keep getting rid of things, I still have so much stuff around. I think I just need more storage or baskets or something to wrangle all the magazines and clippings and mail. It tends to sit on that coffee table until I do something with it.


Lola Is Beauty said...

That room looks lovely - always the way, just when you're ready to move. I've been having a massive clearout too (thanks to moth induced paranoia) and I've noticed the same - even though I've spent two weeks lugging huge refuse bags to the charity shop I still have a lot of stuff. I'm almost at the point of randomly throwing things away now!

Natasha said...

Congratulations on moving in with your boyfriend, that's very sweet.

Your place looks so amazing! My boyfriend is looking to move to Venice, please forward any news you may have on what your landlord plans to do with the place (email is studio@natashabeth.com)... Of course I understand if ignorance is bliss.