Share Your Love

Etsy is doing this wonderful thing for Valentine's day and I plan to join in! It's called special delivery and what it is is they're teaming up with Meals on Wheels in New York and visiting as many homebound elderly people as they can on Valentines Day. In addition to making the rounds, they'll be bringing Valentines for the seniors. This is where we can all pitch in. Make your own card or buy and donate someone else's, but spread some of that love to some people that could be very lonely. Find all the details right here and check out some of the cards that have already been sent in.

The deadline for Etsy to receive your cards is Monday, February 2nd, so get cracking!


sparklerawk said...

Aww that's cute! That reminds me of Valentine's Day in grammar school, when everyone would bake cookies and we'd go over to the neighboring senior citizen home and deliver everyone there little plates of Valentine's Day cookies. As I kid I didn't like doing it (I was shy and old people scared me... plus we had to go around knocking on people's doors, it felt a little weird), but looking back on it I was really glad I did. I can still remember how happy some of those little old ladies were. It was great. :)

Helene said...

You have something to pick up at my blog.

woodley park-zoo said...

Ah ah ah I totally want a torch but good to remember that a broiler will work in a pinch too! I will do this soon! Because of you, I made doughnuts (it's in my blog, let me say, I didn't do the dunking, the boyf did, or else I'd be sure they were much more meticulous!) They were certainly delicious and I was so happy to be able to say I'd made doughnuts in my lifetime.