I'm Sick.

Sorry guys, I was busy last week and then got sick over the weekend, so posting might stay light. To catch you up a bit, I finally received my new toiletry case from Hable. Other than being slightly disappointed that it doesn't have any kind of lining or barrier for liquids, I'm totally excited. You should have seen what I was carrying around before.

I've also been wanting to post some of the meals I've made, but it's always at night with bad lighting. Anyway, I made mussels one night (super easy, you ought to try them) and now I want to try preparing oysters, drinking vinegar and hosting some kind of weird cocktail party using some of these cocktails that have been flying around the internet like a Lord Nelson or a Hot Rum Cow.

I also need to figure out a time to preview the new Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and take more baths.

How are all of you doing?


Desiree Fawn said...

Awe, feel better! We've got a bit of the sickness happening here too: sore throat and cough for me, and my partner has bronchitis. Poor lad.
I'm also 3 days overdue & would very much like my daughter to be born now!

My Very Worst Date said...

i use this same bag in pink for my makeup! i wish it was lined too, but it has held up really well.

Anonymous said...

I have that same bag in the same color. It sits on the back of the toilet and holds tampons and panty liners. That way, it serves a purpose, looks great, and doesn't get ruined, cuz that lack of liner does alter its options for me.