How is it already thursday?

Haven't spend much time at home the last couple of days, so just a quick check in: Got to hang out with the guru yesterday and got some blogging tips and insider gossip (yes!), the night before I caught up on some of Top Design with Abby (was anyone else really disappointed by the bachelor pads? They were so boring and forgettable!). Tonight I'm going to Jonathan Adler's showroom for a networking meet up (everyone is welcome and you don't have to be a designer or a network-y person to show up. God knows I'm not very network-y). Please come and say hello and make my day! Plus if you go you get 10% off.

In other news that was reassuring, I finally have a popular post over on AT. I was in a bit of a drought and started to, well, doubt. So phew. Bonus that it's about something important to me. I borrowed the image from Ben's House Tour, which if you haven't seen is definitely worth spending some time with.

Alas, my DIY dreams are languishing. Hopefully I'll get started over the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Laure -

Your posts on AT are always inspiring! And I especially like the ones about local things on the west side.

Also at home at home remains one of my favorites blogs in the whole world and I check it everyday!

- Naomi

laure said...

Naomi--thanks for the boost! I think I needed it!

heartbreakingly beautiful said...

what is that top pic? Is that your place?? LOVE IT!

woodley park-zoo said...

I got sick of Apartment Therapy quite a while ago but every once in a while I check in, and one of the few things I look for is a post by you just so I can click your name and read your stuff. Your topics are my favourites on there!

coco+kelley said...

LOVE these rooms! popping over to ATLA now to catch up too!