Here are the real reasons

Yes, the house I'm in is beautiful. There's no doubt about it. But what makes it really killer is that there are parts that are totally unfinished! Full of possibility! Something I could really get into....know what I mean?

So there's this giant room above the living room that is sort of like a barn. In an awesome way. And right now there's just random stuff stored in there and then a little bed for when my uncle visits. I mean seriously, how many awesome things could you do with this space?

And then, the real piece de resistance, is what I've been calling the nest. It's up on the third floor with vaulted ceilings, skylights and just enough room to have a nice big desk along the wall, a bedroom and a bathroom. the place is flooded with light all the time and has a KILLER view.

Here's a kind of confusing collage of the space:

And then as an aside, just wanted to noted how freaking cool my grandmother is. Not only does she lounge in an Eames Lounger that she's had for years and years, but she has so much cool furniture that her ghost chair and rad fan/flower lamp are just sitting in the big room being stored:


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oooooh!! I looked through all of your pix...what a gorgeous hole...that kitchen is killer! You lucky,lucky girl, you!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Yikes...I swear I wrote HOUSE...not hole (blush).

laure said...

silly goose. I guess it's sort of like a hole. in french they have an expression for breaking out of a rut and it's to come out of your hole. So it works! ; )

Joan Frances said...

Loretta Lynn is singing in the backgroud this song called "Fist City" Boy she was one tough little cookie. By the way Laure I wouldn't ever mess with her man if I was you.

No really.... I'm confused, insanely jealous and in love with this space all at the same time which must be why I'm sitting here listening to country music...Where are you? I'm lusting after the red tile floor, which you did not mention and I'm shocked you didn't.

By the way Happy Birthday, just around the corner! and how can I find you at dwell... You're biggest fan on the web...Joan G.

laure said...

Joan! Find me at Dwell (dwell.com/daily/blog)! I'm in the south of france until tomorrow, when I go to PARIS. And then I'm back on saturday! See you soon, I hope!

Anonymous said...

Amazing heritage you have, Laure. Something you didn't chose and which apparently, you love. That is something rare in life, to be very grateful for.

Hope you have a ball in Paris. We are still in London.


coco+kelley said...

oh how i love an empty room! i'm completely envious of your surroundings at the moment, as mine are full of packed boxes :) enjoy the rest of your time there!


ShopDownLite.com said...

That is so unfair to have such a blank canvas!
I'd probably junk it up with stuff!

laure said...

I'll keep you guys posted on the ideas that are cooking for this space!