5 Things Fall Makes Me Think Of

Inspired by Audrey's post I started thinking about how much I love Fall. And where I am the air is just starting to turn. The days are warm, the nights are crisp and the leaves are just beginning their descent into sleep.

5 thing autumn makes me want to do right now:

1. Make a crumble.
2. Go for a walk outside in the crisp air
3. Start wrapping things up for the year
4. Buy a new scarf and comfy sweater
5. Find a fireplace and sit and read by it

What do you want to do?


Fifi Flowers said...

Watch leaves change... make soup... bundle up!
Love the photo... reminds me of Temecula wine country!

Teal Chic said...

Beautiful photo! I couldn't agree more about scarves!!! :) I can help you out with that!