Tiny Plane, Big World

We took the little plane to seattle and saw lots of mountains (Ranier, Mount St Helens, Mount hood, etc). It was pretty overwhelming to see such giant mountains at the same height as our tiny plane.

It was my best experience in the plane, since normally I'm fixated on the possibility of death. But the key is to sit behind the pilot, not next to him. I could stretch out and pass food around.

Watching Madmen on my iPhone came in a close second to seeing those peaks.


Anonymous said...

oh!! the peaks in a little plane. sounds so nice. that's a thing very few people get to do in their life and what a view! i live in portland and always love to see mt. hood when i come flying home.

anyway, don't be scared! when it's your number, it's your number, in a small plane or not.

loving. living. small. said...

wow - those pics are amazing, laure!! although my fear of flying in an extra small plane has been confirmed again :)