Seattle Was Fun

I had high hopes of covering lots from Coco and Kelly's Seattle Guide, alas, most will have to wait for next time. This is what we did:

We stayed at the Westin because we got a killer deal on hotwire. We were on the 28th floor and had a view of the sound. It was awesome.

The first thing we did was buy umbrellas because it was raining.

I forget why he made this face, but the point is: see that awesome scarf I convinced him to wear? He threatened to take it off after he got one too many lingering looks from other men.

We did the underground tour of Seattle. Lots of fun, totally recommend this.

Dinner at the Metropolitan Grill. Possibly the best steak I have ever had. Plus we ordered fancy drinks like the smokey martini.

Saw the fancy library with all its fancy architectural details.

He thought this should be turned into the Pacific Northwest's largest indoor climbing wall. He also suggested it be called the Ba-rock Wall.

Did make it to Velocity. Obviously one of us had a good time there.

Nothing beats the skies after a storm, or right before.

Then a quick stop at his uncle's goat farm. Seriously. I'd be lying if I said we didn't fight over my having to sleep at the goat farm. I did not.

I did get to meet Tom and Jerry, the puppies that will soon herd the goats.

And finally into the little plane and time to come home. We had to leave a day early because of a storm that was moving in.

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coco+kelley said...

love the velocity pic. classic. i'm glad you got to enjoy a little bit of the city livin'! complete with rain of course ;)