I'm Lazy

And I'm going on a trip soon. Does anyone have rec's for laptop cases or toiletry cases?


Unknown said...

I usually use a Timbuk2 bag for my laptop- though my current one is bigger than the bags come. Regardless, they hold up really well.

Unknown said...

i need a pretty toiletry case so bad. i'm ok with a practical backpack, but i really want a toiletry case i'm happy to look at every day.

there's some cool stuff at flight001.com, but nothing that made my heart jump.

if you find one, will you post it?

Megan @ Pink O'Clock said...

i love these, from hable construction:



Anonymous said...

Take a look at http://www.pinderbags.com/. I have the Thin and it's fantastic. They're well made, inexpensive, gives % of proceeds to charity, and, best of all, they're not ugly!