Did you know?

That you can watch old episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 for free on the internet. I just finished watching the original pilot episodes. So. Good.


Anonymous said...

Meet you at the Peach Pit!
But seriously, look at how HIGH those jeans are! I think her ribs are tucked under belt.

Lesley said...

Oh how I loved that show!! I dread to click on the link as will lose hours of my life watching! :-D

Jon said...

omg. i have a confession. did you know I was an extra/crew on an episode of 90210. I built sandcastles... (and did everything I could to get in the frame, hehe)

laure said...

yay, you guys love it too!

and jon, that is the most awesome thing ever. ever. like totally.

yvette said...

I almost fainted in a movie line when was standing RIGHT BEHIND Emily Valentine (I'm not even going to say who that is cause if you don't know you're NOT a true fan.)