An Afternoon on Sawtelle

I spent an afternoon on Sawtelle a couple of weeks ago and have gotten behind on letting you know how much fun it is. I think most people go because Giant Robot is there, but I like some of the other places along the couple of blocks of Sawtell just north of Olympic.

First we stopped by Satsuma Imports that has great sake sets and tea sets and good prices. It looks completely unassuming and as though no one ever comes in, but then once you're in you realize that they must be really popular.

Next was Tokyo Japanese Outlet. It is jampacked with notebooks, housewares (like wooden spoons, chopsticks, bowls and tea strainers) and cute Japanese-y things like bento boxes and great bags to pack groceries in:

Next door is crepes to go. I resisted but...man they're good.

And the main reason I go to Sawtelle is to stop by the Japanese Supermarket. I like to pick up Peach Soda and sesame vinegar. This time we noticed this gorgeous box that you would get if you bought the sake bottle in it:

My inner Louis came out when I saw this:

And finally we did stop to eat (something healthier than a crepe, but not by much). I had potstickers and edamame oh and pickled sliced cucmbers. Yum. Louis had a weird salad that tasted like bad, or in his words: that tasted like fail. And I do apologize, I can't remember exactly where we ate.

The End. (Thanks for coming with lulu and rambo)

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