Persian Rugs in LA

I've been helping plan a living room and we're looking for persian rugs. So far my local Moonlight Rugs on Main street in Santa Monica is my favorite for charm and personal attention (Shawn is from Iran but has lived in the states for 25 years and is a genuinely nice man). But there's no denying that Lawrence of La Brea has a huge selection. Do you know of any other places to find good quality persian rugs?


Rowena said...

Love the blue rug in the 3rd photo! Must cost a fortune.

Umi said...

Nice collection of rugs......which one did you pick? Umi

GA said...

If you're still looking for persian rugs, there's this place Damoka on Westwood Blvd. I happened to see a going out of business sale sign. There's still a lot left.

Good luck with the hunt!