Good Question about Dinner Parties in Small Spaces

This comes from GA:
Have you ever had bigger dinner parties at your apartment? If so, how do you work out the sitting down and eating situation? I have a small place but have always wanted to invite a bunch of people over at the same time. How would you go about making sure people don't have to eat standing up?

My answer: it's all about stools. I've never had a sit down dinner for more than 7 in this place and that involved some sitting on the floor and people being comfortable being close. But I have extra stools on hand for seating that doesn't take up too much room. They're nice enough (bought the at West Elm and spray painted them blue/green) that I use them as little side tables the rest of the time.

Also, find creative places to stash the wine and larger platters because with a lot of people, the table fills up quickly.

Anyone else have some good ideas?



Offering a full evening of tapas keeps it managable, yet fills them up! Great for conversation. Then they each leave with a printed recipe book of all the items.

Anonymous said...

Stools are a great idea! So are the tapas. Thanks guys! Laure, your coffee table as dinner table set up is awesome. I see the benefits now of having a larger living room coffee table. Oh, speaking of living rooms, I've been meaning to ask you: do you own a TV?


Anonymous said...

And I ask about the TV because it's so hard to make them look cute.

Wanderluster said...

Spreading out the food and drinks helps too. I keep the drink station in the kitchen, have some appies on the coffee table for when folks arrive, then switch those out later with the heavier dishes. It keeps the tables from getting cluttered.

laure is at home at home said...

I do have a tv but do my best to NEVER photograph it because it's ugly and the most 'undone' part of the room. Maybe I'll expose myself soon.

I love the tapas idea too. Makes it easier on the host if you aren't worrying about course after course too!