The Bus is Awesome

I took the Big Blue Bus for the first time in my life (in LA) to go to my class. It was incredible. Why don't we all do this? Getting to Westwood at 6pm is a nightmare in a car. By bus it takes about the same amount of time, costs 75 cents, drops me off right next to the classroom (instead of parking for $8 and trekking half a mile on foot in the dark) and everyone on the bus says thank you to the driver when they get off.

It's like a whole new world for me. I'm sold.

The only bad thing that happened was a man sat next to me wearing WAY too much cologne and smacked his gum. Other than that, it was cool.


kate (pm) said...

:) So refreshing to hear that from a Los Angeleno! Congrats! I hold out hope for LA (a place I do enjoy - love my LA friends). While I often dream of the convenience of a car, NOT having a car living in a busy city (I'm in NYC w/ good public transport) is the true convenience in itself! Besides, parking is horrible here. I can never say "I love LA" without following up with "except for the traffic".


At least he didn't flash you!

dean said...

i love taking the bus when i can...this reminded me of a post from my very old blog:

"...when im on the bus, i encounter so many different kinds of people and so many different kinds of smells. each time someone sits down next to me, my nose readies itself to be accosted with the aroma of my new seatmate. B.O., too much perfume, french fry grease, unwashed clothes...all of these scents have become familiar and recognizable since i have become dependent on public transportation. but today, the old woman who sank into the seat beside me smelled faintly of so many wonderful things. i could make out distinct scents: cedar, dove soap, cinnamon, lavender, morning coffee, hand lotion, and peppermints.

she smelled exactly like my grandmother and it was all i could do to keep from resting my head on her shoulder and falling asleep to the rumble of the bus."

Anonymous said...

Girl, you crack me up! The bus rules. LA almost starts to feel like an actual city when you ride one.


Anonymous said...

Excellent report, it's the only hope for this congested, polluted basin. If you live on the west side it's convenient enough to manage going lots of places by bus. Look forward to your further research ! Umi

john said...

When I lived in Santa Monica I use to take the Big Blue Bus to work downtown everyday. I remember one time coming home a Persian fellow and his wife got on downtown and shorted the fare. The driver called him on it. This guy proceeded to get really P.O.ed and was yelling, "What do you mean I owe you money! I'm a millionaire!" I then stood up and said, "I thought I was the only millionaire who road this bus!"