Machine Project

Since at least some of you know Machine Project, thought I'd do a special link up to the mini house tour of their work-in-progress artist in residence space (above the gallery). I love that Mark is keeping it simple leaving lots of open space but filling in some needed warmth with the texture of plants, terrariums and decorative bacteria?


Anonymous said...

That house tour is fantastic! It looks so serene. Thank you for linking to it. I haven't been to Machine in a while (I live on the Westside so it's far) but I really feel like going now. Have you ever been to the Museum of Jurassic Technology? That's another great gallery.


Jamie Meares said...

hey! i saw your post on the bedroom at AT. i love that little snippet - the colors are great.

and i second the color scheme you're going for. we have a light green bedroom, lots of white in it, and i'm struggling to find an accent color. i'm with you on the blue. i'm wondering if i should use it for a bedspread/cover. i'm looking for something light, like a quilt, with a little of that light blue in it. what are you doing in the rest of your bedroom? do you have any pattern anywhere? i'd love to see -- and i'll keep you updated on my progress too!

laure is at home at home said...

Hey Jamie--

I have some pattern in a rug that peeks out from under the bed. but I've been trying to find the right pink fabric to make some pillows out of. And now that I'm onto the blue, I need to figure out a way to integrate it too!

Thanks for your comments and send me pics if you like, of what you're doing with the bedspread, etc!

Jamie Meares said...

i think i found something --

blogged this am.

let me know what you think. i'm going to need some pink too. but nothing crazy since there's a bearded man involved.

i think i need some marble too.